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Zena Hinds

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Having built and sold my own business by the age of 32,  I now work with many  investors sourcing individual properties and offering portfolio building service as  co-founder of Bluebell Properties (www.bluebellproperties.co.uk).  My desire to  help people achieve financial freedom and do this by helping you to:

        • Become financially secure by making your money work for you
        • Leave the rat race behind and look forward to securing your family’s future
        • Receive a much higher monthly income than possible with other investment vehicles

If you are worried about your pension or want to get out of the rat race, contact me today. The best way to contact me is via zena@bluebellproperties.co.uk

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Tara Coley

Tara Coley PhotoI am full time Property Investor and an experienced Financial Advisor. My Property Portfolio is valued at over 2million pounds and has provided my family and I with financial freedom, allowing me to leave full time employment and enjoy life. I now build Property Portfolios for others.

If you are interested in living the lifestyle you want, worried about your Pension, want to get out the Rat race or want a better yield for your money, contact me today!

The best way to contact me is via tara@bluebellproperties.co.uk

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